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Meet the UK's
Most Economical
Wood Briquette

Generate and store your own power. Start saving today using clean, eco-friendly energy.

Heating Savings
Are Just a Click Away!

Thousands of households already swear by NIGHT® long-burning briquettes. Join the movement of people saving money on winter heating today!

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Long burn and steady heat output

Thanks to their incredibly long burn time and steady heat output, Lekto’s NIGHT® long-burning briquettes are by far the most cost-effective wood fuel on the UK market.

Lasting up to an incredible 8 hours

While regular logs and briquettes will usually last you between 45 minutes and 2 hours, Lekto’s flagship product, NIGHT® long-burning briquettes, can last for up to an incredible 8 hours.

Reducing your winter heating expenses 

What does this mean for you? As these briquettes can burn for up to 4 times as long as conventional firewood and briquettes, you’ll get a chance to reduce your winter heating expenses by lowering your overall fuel consumption.


Why Lekto?

Why choose our long-burning briquettes over our competitors?

Ultra-Long Burn Time

Thanks to the natural properties of softwood bark, Lekto’s NIGHT® long-burning briquettes release the heating energy stored inside them slower than any other wood fuel product. On average, customers can expect to receive up to 8 hours of cosy warmth, provided proper airflow settings are selected.

Natural & Sustainable

The softwood bark at the heart of these eco briquettes is a traditionally discarded byproduct of the sawmill industry. Their bark is sourced only from sustainably managed forests and sawmills. No chemical additives are used during the briquette manufacturing process.

Easy to Store & Handle

Like any Lekto product, NIGHT® long-burning briquettes can be used in virtually any wood-burning scenario. They’re perfect for use in wood-burning stoves, log burners, sheltered fire pits, chimineas, etc. They’re also the perfect complement to hardwood heat logs and traditional firewood, helping stretch the heat you get from your favourite wood fuels.

Versatile & Easy to Use

Each briquette is of a consistent size and is shaped like a small brick. This makes the product easy to stack for prolonged storage, even if your space is limited. The product will arrive at your doorstep in easy-to-move cardboard boxes with in-built handles for ease of moving.

Reduce Your
Wood Consumption

Switching from traditional firewood to Lekto’s NIGHT® long-burning briquettes is a great way for you to save:

  • Storage space in your wood store thanks to their incredible size to burn-time ratio.

  • Money on winter heating by lowering your overall consumption of wood fuels.

  • The planet by lowering instances of wood fuel that is wasted when you overheat your rooms.

Relighting Your Burner Is Now Easier Than Ever

Throw a couple of NIGHT® long-burning briquettes into your wood stove before you go to sleep and they’ll still be burning when you wake up.


Why is this important? Because you’ll be able to relight your wood burner by simply adding a heat log or some firewood on top of the burning embers!

What this means for you:​

  • No need to fiddle with kindling and firelighters in the cold.

  • No need to wait for the fire to catch before adding your main wood fuel.

  • No need to waste mental resources thinking about the fire at all.

Full Ready to Burn Certification

Lekto NIGHT® long-burning bark briquettes are fully certified according to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ Ready to Burn wood fuel quality standard.

Issued Certificate Number:



Lekto Woodfuels Ltd.

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How to Use Night Briquettes

We'll talk you through step by step!

Step 1

Start your fire using the top-down method and conventional firewood or briquettes. We recommend using quality kiln-dried logs, heat logs, or RUF briquettes for this.

Step 2

Once your main fuel has been burning for a long time, open your airflow controls to the maximum setting and place your NIGHT® long-burning briquettes on top of the dying embers of the fire.

Step 3

Once your NIGHT® long-burning briquettes are lit, set your airflow controls to the minimum level. This limitation is necessary to allow our briquettes to achieve the longest burn time possible.

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